Expansive, kaleidoscopic and unpredictable, BOTTLED OUT OF EDEN is Knifeworld's most fully rounded work to date. There are a breath-taking amount of ideas in these songs, yet for all the precision, there is a lysergic abandon and, most extraordinary of all, the directness of the purest pop. It's rare to hear such complex and elaborate music sound as catchy and uplifting as this, or if you like, to hear catchy and uplifting music so complex and elaborate. Shot through with Kavus Torabi’s colourful and uniquely English song-writing, the album marries lush arrangements with unusual structures and a particularly singular vision. Inspired by the death of loved ones, BOTTLED OUT OF EDEN is an eleven piece song cycle of loss and hope.

“One aspect of Bottled Out Of Eden is the idea of a self-made Heaven or a self-imposed Hell, that agony or ecstasy are often a choice." explains frontman and composer Torabi "I look back on the twenty five years of making the kind of music I do, particularly the last six with Knifeworld and just feel so fortunate for the friendships, experiences and absolute joy it has brought. I wanted the album to be as much about that, a celebration of this all too fleeting life, as it is a reflection on death and its impact on those left behind in its wake"