James LaBrie is an artist with a busy schedule, juggling his vocal chords between a demanding fulltime recording and worldwide touring schedules with multi-million selling Progressive Metal pioneers Dream Theater, guest vocal appearances with diverse acts (Ayreon, Fates Warning, Redemption, Shadow Gallery, etc.) and his periodical solo releases. But Toronto, Canada native LaBrie’s solo activities via InsideOutMusic, which have been running under his own name after two albums with the group name “MullMuzzler”, should certainly not be perceived as mere side-note activity between Dream Theater releases. In fact, the James LaBrie albums have become a coherent entity of their own and showcase a skilled and highly impressive, ever-evolving group, very distinct in style and now even consistent in its line-up.

“Impermanent Resonance” was once again conceived together with LaBrie’s songwriting partner for over a dozen years now, Matt Guillory, who didn’t only take the leading role in the composing of the song material, but also handled all of the keyboard recordings as well as background vocals. Just like on the previous album release from 2010, “Static Impulse”, Marco Sfogli from Italy masterfully tracked all of the guitars, bass duties were taken care of by Ray Riendeau (Halford, Machines of Loving Grace) and Swedish drummer extraordinaire Peter Wildoer, who has not only had a long-term international career with his own band Darkane and recent recognition due to his auditions for Dream Theater, but he has also collected high profile recording and performing credits for Metal bands as diverse as Majestic, Old Man’s Child, Pestilence and Arch Enemy.