Freitag, 25. Oktober 2013
Sound Of Contact: veröffentlichen "Dimensionaut" auf Vinyl; Video zu "Pale Blue Dot" in Arbeit
Sound Of Contact:  veröffentlichen "Dimensionaut" auf Vinyl; Video zu "Pale Blue Dot" in Arbeit
Unmittelbar nachdem sie den Limelight Award des Prog Magazine als Beste Neue Progressive Rock-Band gewonnen haben, verkünden Sound of Contact nun stolz den Release ihres hochgelobten Debüt-Albums "Dimensionaut" als Doppel-Vinyl-LP am 29. November 2013.

Bandleader Simon Collins sagte dazu: "It's a very exciting time for this band, as we bring you another chapter of Dimensionaut. Along with our up and coming release of our second single and music video, "Pale Blue Dot", we are also delighted to answer many of your requests for a vinyl release by responding with a special limited edition of "Dimensionaut" on vinyl, which will be available on December 2nd. We are grateful to be part of keeping rock progressive in its true meaning, bringing the future into the presence of now while still staying true to the roots which we have all been so inspired by. Thank you for your votes towards the Limelight Award, words fall short of our appreciation for your love and support and in this case actions speak louder than words. So, this is our way of saying thank you!"

Die Band legt außerdem gerade letzte Hand an das in Kürze erscheinende Video zur neuen Single "Pale Blue Dot", beidem einmal mehr Tim Glover Regie führt, der bereits beim Video zu "Not Coming Down"am Ruder war. Mehr Infos dazu folgen in Kürze!
Auch die Presse war begeistert von "Dimensionaut"; hier einige der Reaktionen zur Platte:
'eloquent, soulful, modern prog-rock' - Classic Rock

'high-concept space-rock, prog dynamics, soaring's difficult to imagine any purists arguing against this debut taking its place in the modern prog canon.' - Prog Magazine

'A dense, multifaceted and rather special album.' - Powerplay

'A unique album to repeatedly savour' - Classic Rock Society

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