17 February 2017
Tim Bowness: new video released; "Lost In The Ghost Light" out now!
Tim Bowness:  new video released; "Lost In The Ghost Light" out now!
Tim Bowness releases his fourth solo album, 'Lost In The Ghost Light' today through InsideOutMusic. To celebrate the release he has also launched a video for the track 'Kill The Pain That's Killing You' which you can see here:


Tim had this to say: "'Kill The Pain That's Killing You' is definitely the odd one out on Lost In The Ghost Light. It's the angriest piece on the album by far and it depicts a point when the musician Lost In The Ghost Light concerns is spiralling out of control in terms of both his family life and career. In basic terms, it's a hellish account of a night on the town mid-tour, while his wife is having an affair back home. It's also chronicling how music is in the background at this particular point in his life.

Bruce Soord's brilliantly manic lead guitar lines are supported by a fine David Rhodes riff, and a frenetic Colin Edwin/Andrew Booker rhythm section. On top of that, Andrew Keeling's flute and string quartet arrangements take the piece into some interesting and unexpected territory, I think."

The album has been receiving fantastic reviews, and you can find a selection below:
"an album of immense ambition, the scope of which is matched only by the virtuosity of its songwriting and musical performances" - Shindig! Magazine
"the narrative is bold and witty, the songs a core vision of pathos." - Prog
"Conceptual albums of this lavish quality should come around more often." - Daily Express

Pick up copy of the album on CD/DVD, Gatefold LP + CD & digital download below:

Watch videos for the two previous tracks below:
You Wanted To Be Seen: https://youtu.be/O70NAIj69SI
Distant Summers: https://youtu.be/2Aj7IRLj-Rk

Tim recently launched a new section of his website dedicated to Moonshot, the band that 'Lost In The Ghost Light' is based upon. Head on over to find more about their history: http://timbowness.co.uk/a-moonshot-story/

Mixed & mastered by Steven Wilson, the album utilises a core band comprising Stephen Bennett (Henry Fool), Colin Edwin (Porcupine Tree), Bruce Soord (The Pineapple Thief), Hux Nettermalm (Paatos) and Andrew Booker (Sanguine Hum), and is also joined by guests including Kit Watkins (Happy The Man/Camel), Steve Bingham (No-Man) and the legendary Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull). Andrew Keeling (Robert Fripp/Hilliard Ensemble/Evelyn Glennie) arranges for string quartet and flute on three of the album's songs.

'Lost In The Ghost Light' is a concept album revolving around the onstage and backstage reflections of a fictional 'classic' Rock musician in the twilight of his career and features some stunning solos and harmonically rich compositions that represent Bowness's most musically ambitious work to date.

Lyrically, the album addresses how the era of streaming and ageing audiences affects creativity, how a life devoted to music impacts on real / family life, and how idealistic beginnings can become compromised by complacency and the fear of being replaced by younger, more vital artists.

Jarrod Gosling (I Monster / Cobalt Chapel) provides the fantastically detailed artwork, which includes a visual history of the career of the concept's subject. The album will be available as a limited CD/DVD mediabook - including a 5.1 surround mix by Bruce Soord - and gatefold LP + CD & digital download.

The full track-listing for the album is as follows:
1. Worlds Of Yesterday
2. Moonshot Manchild
3. Kill The Pain That's Killing You
4. Nowhere Good To Go
5. You'll Be The Silence
6. Lost In The Ghost Light
7. You Wanted To Be Seen
8. Distant Summers



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