The Unravelling
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Knifeworld began in 2009 upon the release of their debut album “Buried Alone - Tales Of Crushing Defeat”. What started ostensibly as a solo project of Kavus Torabi (Cardiacs, Guapo, Gong) as a continuation musically of his former band, The Monsoon Bassoon, grew into a fully-fledged recording and touring six piece band.

Knifeworld's music is typified by complex polyrhythmic arrangements, soaring male/female vocal harmonies and songs packed with unexpected twists and hooks.

EPs Dear Lord, No Deal and Clairvoyant Fortnight followed, after which the group added two additional horn players to replicate the ambitious arrangements of the recordings live.

The Unravelling, Knifeworld's second album, will be released in the Summer of 2014 on InsideOut and will be the first recording to boast the full psychedelic majesty of the eight piece line up.
An eight song cycle shot through with existential angst, regret and melancholy in an explosion of colour, a kaleidoscope of sound. Knifeworld are the last, only and everything you truly dig.