At the cult and burial site of Abydos in the Valley of the Kings the ancient Egyptians worshipped Osiris, God of perpetual reincarnation. There were mystery plays to honour him, and each year many believers made a pilgrimage to the site. Since all this happened 1500 years B.C., Abydos is regarded as the birthplace of theatre. Theatre plays play an important role in the life of Vanden Plas’ singer Andy Kuntz, too, and it was one of the reasons for him to choose “Abydos“ as the title for his first solo project.

Since the early 80s Andy Kuntz plays leading roles in musicals such as "Jesus Christ Superstar", "Rocky Horror Show", "Evita" or "Nostradamus"; at the same time his band Vanden Plas – whose charismatic frontman he is for 20 years now – rised to one of the most important progressive metal groups in Germany. Vanden Plas have played countless concerts and made themselves a worldwide reputation like the sound of thunder. But Kuntz‘ experiences and skills are far more than just composing, writing song lyrics and singing. With Vanden Plas he is intensively involved in album production, and he makes a substantial contribution to put the finishing touches to the band’s albums. As producer he led the group Snailshouse to a record deal, with the result that this band now works successfully and is known nationwide. Now Andy Kuntz has brought his entire background into “Abydos“.

A look back: The prerequisites for a solo work were set for some time when events in the year 2003 – one of the darkest years in Kuntz‘ life – triggered the work for his album. Within few months the musician lost his father and another three beloved people. In order to cope with this events, he began working on the concept for his solo album. Meanwhile Kuntz regards “Abydos“ as a kind of reincarnation site for the painfully missed ones. Despite all the resonating melancholy, “Abydos“ became a colourful story which is stimulating the listeners imagination, it became a modern fairy tale including autobiographical touches of the storyteller. However the story is revealed only in part on the album since the basis for “Abydos“ is a play written by Kuntz which already ensured the interest of many playhouses before the release, and which in essence can be heard on this CD.

Inspired by the spirit of progressive rock music of the Seventies, Kuntz thought of an album on which already the instruments will be able to tell a story. For composing the music, he joined forces with Stephan Glass and Michael Krauss, who both are regarded as excellent musicians for many years. So Glass worked on the recording of the acoustic Vanden Plas album "AcCult", and he was mixer on the European tour with Angra. And Vanden Plas drummer Andreas Lill contributed the drum parts for “Abydos“.

Kuntz himself – who is regarded as talented painter with a lot of opening days – created the idea for the artwork as well as the realization of the “Abydos“ figures. Because he wanted to involve creative people in every respect, the female artist Li-wen Kuo worked out the final artwork. All in all, Kuntz always held the reins so that his solo debut became a well-knit and expressive epos with an unmistakable trademark.

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