Yes bass pioneer Chris Squire has teamed up with the multi-talented Billy Sherwood to release their second album as Conspiracy, titled THE UNKNOWN.

Chris Squire is well known as a member of Yes, having provided his signature bass playing and distinctive vocals to that band since its inception in 1968. He is the only member of that veteran group who has remained with them in their various line-ups, performing on all their classical albums like e.g. “Close To The Edge”, “90125” till the latest album “Magnification” and their hits like “Roundabout”, “Rhythm Of Love”, “The Calling”, and “Owner of a Lonely Heart”.

In addition to being adept at both guitar and bass Billy Sherwood is well known as a gifted producer and engineer. He has worked with a wide range of artists as diverse as Todd Rundgren and Motörhead, his experience spanning a broad array of projects that include various tribute albums as well as producing and performing with his band World Trade. The two joined forces in 1989, and quickly formed what would become an enduring personal and musical friendship. What began as a solo project for Squire developed into a collaborative effort, and the two began composing together; one composition, “The More We Live (Let Go)”, would appear on the Yes album UNION. Squire and Sherwood performed some of their compositions under the banner of the Chris Squire Experiment, joined by Yes drummer Alan White. Sherwood’s synergy with the pair led to his involvement in other Yes projects.

Sherwood accompanied Yes on the TALK tour, filling out their sound on vocals and various instruments. His studio savvy led to his assisting in the production of the studio tracks on Yes’ two KEYS TO ASCENSION collections, and eventually would become a full time band member. He participated on two Yes albums, OPEN YOUR EYES and THE LADDER, as well as numerous tours and a live video, before leaving the band in 2000.

Throughout this time Squire and Sherwood continued to compose and record their own material, resulting in the 2000 release titled CONSPIRACY. This name became the handle for their partnership/concept. As Sherwood explained: “It was after OPEN YOUR EYES where we started talking about how we should really put this together as some sort of off-shoot band of Yes, if you will, like a spin-off and call it Conspiracy, since it's the two of us conspiring over all these years trying to get this music together. And in that way we could bring in other musicians that we liked and wanted to work with.” Even after having released that album the creative well remained full, and Conspiracy quickly assembled another collection of songs. The result is the new album THE UNKNOWN, an album both accessible and challenging, featuring infectious vocals and melodies augmented by playing both heartfelt and blazing. What is known about THE UNKNOWN is that it is a vital effort from Billy Sherwood and Chris Squire, two creative and respected musicians with a proven track record in their craft.

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