Gaskill, Jerry

When members of successful rock bands decide to walk new paths with solo albums or side projects, quickly rumours spread of the supposed imminent split with their bands. But in the case of King’s X we can give you the all-clear. It’s true that after singer and bassist Doug Pinnick (Poundhound) and guitar player Ty Tabor (The Jelly Jam, Jughead, Platypus) now also drummer Jerry Gaskill will start with his own solo work called „Come Somewhere“, but for the Texas based power trio this however doesn’t mean the end.

„There were many reasons why this solo album was a must“, Jerry Gaskill explains his motivation for the solo effort. „It was decisive that I got the music within myself, and that I could express it exactly in the way I felt it. In the context of a band there always are other people involved who have to be familiar with the song material in the same way as the composer, so there are always little compromises necessary.“ And Gaskill adds: „Furthermore, I want to keep pace with Doug and Ty, and I wanna be the sole ruler in the universe, well, here the artist seems to express himself.“

It’s true that the latter part of Gaskill’s statement was said with an obvious winking and for that one cannot take it too seriously. However, it can’t be denied that in the past the 46 year old drummer from Bridgeton, New Jersey, was a little the shadow of both frontmen, and that he also shares the destiny of all musicians in the so-called „2nd row.“ So it’s really understandable that Gaskill now wants to show all others what he is made of. And in fact there are a lot of things to discover because this man is just not „only“ the drummer of King’s X. No: he also cuts a good figure as guitarist, piano player, singer, and much more so as songwriter.

„I think, ‚Come Somewhere’ makes it clear that we three guys of King’s are all good songwriters. The time was right for my own thing because I eventually write my own songs for many years now, and my ideas always come from different genres. This record was supposed to sound different in a drastic way than everything else that comes from King’s X. It had to be that way because I think my way to write songs clearly differs from my long-time contribution with King’s X.“

What regards variety, so „Come Somewhere“ is able to match with every album of Gaskill’s band: apart from traditional hard rock which completely fulfils the fans‘ expectations, one can also find psychedelia, alternative rock, and Beatles-alike vocal harmonies which have left their obvious mark on Gaskill’s record. And though he tries the lone wolf’s way for the first time, the master didn’t want to do without the support of trusted people: his brother Herb is co-writer of „Johnny’s Song“, and King’s X-colleague Ty Tabor provided his studio for the recording and was involved as bassist, guitarist, and producer.

The result is so convincing that meanwhile colleague Doug Pinnick praised the record, too: „’Come Somewhere’ makes me jealous and proud at the same time. Why? Well, it’s hard for me to find some inspiration somewhere today, but this is definitely the case with Jerry’s album.“ This sounds promising because for all lovers of King’s X there will one or other pleasant surprise.

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Gaskill, Jerry
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