One of the most remarkable and innovative prog rock acts worldwide hails from Poland and is set to release its second album, Idmen, on 24 July 2009: the five-piece, Indukti, consists mainly of instrumentalists (Ewa Jablonska – violin, Piotr Kocimski – guitar/saz; Maciej Jaskiewicz – guitar, Wawrzyniec Dramowicz – drums, Andrzej Kaczynski – bass), shares the vocals on its compositions between a variety of guest musicians and works with unusual instruments such as the dulcimer and trumpet. The result is an album with eight extremely intense, complex and intelligent tracks which are marked by their energy, unusual arrangements and atmospheric instrumentation. “Indukti is an induction of five minds, a musical conglomeration designed to stimulate the imagination and draw forth exceptional experiences and unique emotions,” violinist Ewa Jablonska explains her group’s musical parameters, adding: “Five members, five composers. Usually we rely on improvisation when we rehearse in our practice room. The way we work takes time, but we think it’s worth the wait. We never treat music as a job to be performed within some specific, predefined period, so there’s no pressure; we take as much time for our compositions as we need.”

It’s no easy feat to describe the band’s sound. Indukti’s world mixes prog rock, heavy metal, classical and world music, ethnic sounds from other cultures and even pop and avant-garde references. “Every member has their own influences, and the mix of these different elements is probably the reason for Indukti’s unique sound,” Ewa Jablonska reckons. “Some of us love funk and classic rock, some are huge fans of Scandinavian metal bands such as Ensiferum, Dimmu Borgir, Wintersun and Meshuggah, others listen to Voivod, Neurosis, King Crimson, Tool and Oceansize, plus original music from Australia and India. We look for inspiration in every kind of art: images, movies, books. Sometimes the only determinant for music is whether it’s heart-breaking and moves the listener.”

When their debut album, S.U.S.A.R., arrived at the stores, also outside Poland, in September 2005, the music community listened up with interest, and in view of their new album, Idmen, you have to attest Indukti’s even more finely-tuned innovative musical approach. Ewa Jablonska: “When we listen to Idmen and S.U.S.A.R., we feel the difference and the development. It’s hard to say what exactly it is; maybe it’s simply more mature. At the same time, there’s the typical Indukti sound, and even if you can discover trumpet and dulcimer on this album, there’s no doubt that both albums are made by the same band.”

The group consciously decided to invite guest vocalists (three in this case) to sing on Idmen – namely Nils Frykdahl (Sleepytime Gorilla Museum), Maciej Taff (Rootwater) and Michael Luginbuehl (Prisma) –, leaving the instrumental character of the band’s core unaltered. “We want to stay focused on the texture, sound and harmony. Composing without a singer’s lead voice is harder, more demanding,” says Ewa Jablonska. “We also prefer to have guests who suit a particular track. Every time we invite a guest, we put him into something done, finished. Working with vocalists this way enables us to play a song live. So it always requires very good skills and experience from our guests to find their position in this completed, finished structure. But we have been lucky in meeting great artists, and we feel that every time our standards rise. And they cope with that. This makes our music more interesting even for us.” A truly surprising construct which has borne amazing and extremely accomplished fruit on Idmen.

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Wawrzyniec Dramowicz
Ewa Jablonska
Piotr Kocimski
(Guitar, Ethnical Instruments)
Macej Jaskiewicz
(Guitars, Sound Mathematician)
Andrzej Kaczynski
(Bass , Doublebass)