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Coming off the heels of a highly successful American tour with a new band of absurdly gifted musicians, Neal Morse is letting us in on a well known secret. If there are any who doubt that Morse is one of the best in prog rock, this 5 disc set will surely make them believers! Filmed in New York City in October of 2012 and featuring Mike Portnoy (ex Dream Theater), longtime cohort Randy George, and 3 other crazy good musicians from Neal’s famed Youtube auditions, this 2 ½ hour plus concert will leave you amazed, moved and exhilarated. These guys are unbelievable! And what a set list! Along with all the best and brightest from his latest studio release, "Momentum", Morse and company also perform some unexpected songs from his vast catalogue. Not only do they rip through killer sections of "Testimony 1" and "Sola Scriptura", this band of master multi-instrumentalists and vocalists also tackle the Gentle Giant-esque "Author of Confusion" as well as the beautiful Spock’s Beard classic "The Distance To The Sun". Every end of the sonic spectrum is represented here: blistering shred to the momentous theme… to the quiet and heartfelt… it’s all here and housed in a lovely box with full color artwork! Produced by Neal Morse.

Neal Morse comments on "LIVE Momentum":
"It was the best of times and.... it was the best of times! I have nothing but wonderful memories of the Momentum tour.....of course I don't have to look back very far... it was only a few months ago now. But, what a band! It was our first real tour with the new guys that I had found via the YouTube auditions we held in the spring of 2012 (plus Mike and Randy of course) and it was just amazing. So many great moments over that short period of time... my mind is reeling... From Mexico City to LA and New York and everywhere in between, it was a dazzling experience of killer musicianship, great camaraderie, and spiritual electricity. Mike survived the early mornings and I survived the late nights and we made it through security to our flights every day; what more could you ask for? At first I wasn't sure about the set list, but as the nights went on I began to realize what a cool set it was, and I think the audiences all 'got it' as well. We made this DVD package especially for those that couldn’t be there. It’s not quite the same but it’s as close as we could get to providing you with the full experience of the Momentum tour. Dig in and dig it!
I'd like to say thank you to all the promoters, crewmembers, and all the people who came and made us feel so welcome. We loved it and are ready to go do it all again!"

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Neal Morse
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