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Their creative hiatus has done Poverty’s No Crime from Northern Germany good: their latest album, Save My Soul, is the most diverse to date in their ten-year career.

Poverty’s No Crime are among the elite of German prog metal acts. With five albums to date and thoroughly brilliant reviews, they have been in the focus of public attention since the mid-nineties and have frequently been listed as the perfect example of an intelligent and technically accomplished act. Following an almost four-year sabbatical, which allowed the band members to take a creative breather and develop new visions, Poverty’s No Crime are now ready to present their latest album, Save My Soul, a well thought-through, versatile and extremely fascinating offering featuring a string of highlights.

Save My Soul leaves no doubt that the musicians, Volker Walsemann (vocals, guitar), Heiko Spaarmann (bass), Marco Ahrens (guitar), Andreas Tegeler (drums) and Jörg Springub (keyboards) have matured as individuals, while growing even tighter as a band. Poverty’s No Crime continue to be based on the ideas of all five band members and have unerringly refined their successful working method. “The songs are the result of a joint creative process, although, naturally, the extent of the contributions from the individual musicians varies from song to song,” bassist Heiko Spaarmann explains. “That’s why the album is so versatile on the one hand, while on the other it’s still typical Poverty’s No Crime.”

Spaarmann is referring to compositions such as the haunting opener ‘Open Your Eyes’, the anthemnic ‘From A Distance’, and the title track with its driving riffs, wonderful melodies and truly impressive vocals. This band has never sounded better! At the same time, the musicians venture into new, for them rather unusual terrain: ‘The Torture’ comes across comparatively sinister and heavy, with guitars tuned low down to a B and strings almost as thick as your little finger. Spaarmann: “The working title was ‘Doom’, and that’s exactly how the track sounds: extremely doom-laden and sinister.” Another highlight on the album is ‘The Key To Creativity’, already rated by insiders as worldwide hit material had it been released by an act such as Marillion. Spaarmann points out: “Actually, we’d paid limited attention to this number during the songwriting process, that’s why we were totally surprised when we heard the result: a really catchy tune with emotional vocals and an awesome chorus. This song expresses the PNC feel perfectly.”

Thematically, Save My Soul deals with the dark side of the human soul. “It’s about issues such as fear, despair and hopelessness. But we also offer ways of directing these negative moods into creative channels,” lyricist Volker Walsemann explains, adding: “The message is: hard times in life are always a chance for the future – if you’ve gone through hell you see things through different eyes and live your life much more intensely. Somehow you have to manage to break the spell and free yourself from mental restrictions.” This statement reflects the optimism of the songs, which never sound discouraged although some of them have a certain atmospheric heaviness.

Save My Soul is Poverty's No Crime's first recording to be produced at the Area 51 studio in Celle together with Tommy Newton (Gamma Ray, Angra), a true master of his profession. Spaarmann: “We produced three albums in a row at the same studio, so it was time to try something new. We chose Tommy because he has delivered great productions with acts such as ARK or Redemption, and we felt well looked after by him musically.” A wise decision, as Poverty’s No Crime’s most accomplished and diverse recording to date proves.

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