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After the release of Stream Of Passion’s debut album “Embrace The Storm” in the fall of last year, the legitimate question arose of whether or not this would be a ‘real’ band or just a short-lived project? Arjen ‘Ayreon’ Lucassen had put the band together using musicians from Mexico, Sweden and the Netherlands, who had all recorded their individual parts mostly in their home countries. It was later on tour where they proved live on stage that Stream Of Passion is indeed a cohesive band working in perfect harmony together.

This can be seen on their first DVD, filmed in the Dutch city of Rijssen at the end of their European tour in February. Drummer Davy Mickers begins the set with the mystical drum charge of the opening track “Spellbound”, he is joined by Marcela Bovio’s beguiling vocals, Alejandro Millan’s fluid piano lines, Johan van Stratums’ thundering bass and the wall of guitar provided by Lori Linstruth and Arjen Lucassen. The band’s sound is filled out on stage with Marcela Bovio’s younger sister Diana guesting on backing vocals. The two sister’s beautiful harmonies prove that nothing is lost from what made the band’s debut album so special.

The mixture of gothic, dark wave and progressive rock obviously tapped into the pulse of the audiences. The crowd received the seven songs from “Embrace The Storm” with great enthusiasm, ranging from the violent rock of “Passion” to the fragile ballad “Nostalgia” with its Spanish lyrics, to the hard rock groove of “Out In The Real World”.

It’s also a special treat to hear Stream Of Passion interpret compositions Lucassen’s compositions for Ayreon and Star One live on stage. Those tracks are seamlessly interwoven with the band’s own numbers making them sound very much at home in the set. Stream Of Passion’s “Deceiver” blends with ease into an audience favourite from the Star One album, “Songs of the Ocean”. “Valley of the Queens” from “Into the Electric Castle”, features Marcela Bovio’s striking vocals to great effect. It is the song that originally convinced Lucassen to record a complete album with her after first hearing her sing it for him. Prior to this, she had appeared on the Ayreon rock opera “The Human Equation”. “Day Eleven: Love” from that album is performed as a duet between Bovio and Lucassen. The show is topped off by a cover of the mighty Led Zeppelin song “When the Levee Breaks”, which features guest vocalist Damian Wilson – a familiar guest from the Ayreon albums.

“Live In The Real World” comes in a lavish slip-case and is available as a special DVD/Double CD set. A wealth of bonus material also complements the DVD including a “Behind The Scenes” section, photo gallery and tour diary. The bonus features also include the video clip for the single “Out In The Real World”, shot in a Belgian château and highlights Marcela Bovio’s acting ability.

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