Sound Of Contact

With 3 of his own albums under his belt, Simon Collins, son of legendary musician Phil Collins, decided to try something he had always wanted to do. Having grown up on tour with Genesis, Simon had a rare and unique perspective that inspired him to eventually pursue his own music career. After a decade of writing, producing and promoting his solo career, Simon kept in touch with a handful of musicians with whom he had a strong connection and a rare chemistry. With a shared vision and strong musical bond they embraced what was clearly an organic evolution and decided to bring their creative forces together. That band is now here and called "Sound of Contact". At its core the band consists of Simon and co-producer/co-writer and keyboardist Dave Kerzner (Sonic Reality, Kevin Gilbert) with the additon of such great co-writers and guitarists/bassists as Matt Dorsey and Kelly Nordstrom as well as Hannah Stobart (Rocket Moth, Wishing Tree) as a special guest in the studio. The live touring line up for Sound of Contact includes Simon Collins on vocals and drums, Dave Kerzner on keyboards, Matt Dorsey on bass and John Wesley (Porcupine Tree, Fish) on guitar.

Sound of Contact’s debut album “Dimensionaut” is a concept album about a dimensional time and space traveler called “Dimo” who is on a mission to expand the boundaries of the human experience. The album features a wide range of styles and dynamics from dark and mysterious progressive rock to nostalgic classic rock to high energy alternative to sci-fi film score-infused “space rock”.


Simon first hit the music scene in the year 2000 with his debut album “All of Who You Are” with songs like “Pride” charting all over Eastern and Western Europe. The album also featured the song “Shine Through” which was co-written with Howard Jones. In 2005, Simon put out the album “Time For Truth” where he introduced more of his organic instrumentation and modern rock influences. The album brought about the introduction of Simon to guitarist Kelly Nordstrom with whom Simon would continue to collaborate with.

In 2006 Simon met Dave Kerzner, owner of the music software company Sonic Reality and former member of Kevin Gilbert’s bands Thud and Giraffe. They were both in New York at Genesis’ rehearsals for their final “Turn It On Again Tour”. Having similar musical tastes and a common interest in sci-fi they decided to pay tribute to Simon’s father Phil Collins and Genesis by doing their own version of the song “Keep It Dark” originally from the Genesis album “Abacab”. The song was played on the sound system before the very last Genesis concert of the tour at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles.

Simon, Dave and Kelly then worked together on Simon’s third solo album, “U-Catastrophe” in 2008. This time with Grammy-winning producer Kevin Churko who won a Juno award for the album. It also featured a guest appearance from ex-Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett on the song “Fast Forward The Future” as well as a thrilling ‘drum duet’ between Simon and his father Phil Collins on the song “The Big Bang”.

When Simon set out to perform “U-Catastrophe” live, he brought in Matt Dorsey as a bass player and multi-instrumentalist. Then, in 2009, Simon approached Dave Kerzner with the idea of doing a band project together. In 2010, Simon, Dave, Matt and Kelly went to record at Greenhouse Studios in Vancouver in different trio combinations with engineer Chris Holmes. The music and story of “Dimensionaut” was born.

Joining the team to mix the album was veteran engineer Nick Davis (Genesis, XTC, It Bites) who came from England to Canada to mix at The Warehouse in Vancouver. The album was mastered by Gavin Lurssen and Reuben Cohen of Lurssen Mastering.

In 2012 Simon Collins and Dave Kerzner found themselves working again on a Genesis song but this time it was by the invitation of Steve Hackett who was putting together his album “Genesis Revisited 2”. The album includes both Simon and Dave participating on vocals and keyboard for the epic Genesis song „Supper’s Ready“.

Now, in 2013, with their own album that took nearly 3 years to make, Sound of Contact are ready to unleash “Dimensionaut”.

Sound of Contact begins its touring schedule on March 24th in Montreal, Canada supporting Marillion on their Marillion Weekend Event. Then they’re joining Spock’s Beard and Beardfish in Europe in May for the Inside Out 20th Anniversary tour.

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Simon Collins
(Vocals, Drums)
Dave Kerzner
(Keyboards, Backing Vocals)
Matt Dorsey
(Bass, Backing Vocals)
John Wesley
(Guitars, Vocals)
Jonathan Schang
(Additional Drums & Keys)