Kayak – Out Of This World

Kayak – Out Of This World

KAYAK OUT OF THIS WORLD RELEASED: 07 MAY 2021 BUY NOW       Over the course of a career that so far spans 48 years, KAYAK have established themselves as one of Holland’s most successful progressive rock bands, with a loyal, international fanbase. And now there’s ‘Out Of This World’, the band’s eighteenth studio album, with 15 new tracks, … Read More

Anneke Van Giersbergen – The Darkest Skies Are The Brightest

Anneke van Giersbergen – The Darkest Skies Are The Brightest

ANNEKE VAN GIERSBERGEN THE DARKEST SKIES ARE THE BRIGHTEST RELEASED: 26 FEBRUARY 2021 BUY NOW       ‘The Darkest Skies Are The Brightest’ is Anneke van Giersbergen’s 23rd career album. It was created in a time of personal crisis, with just an acoustic guitar and basic recording gear, in a small house near the woods just outside of Anneke’s … Read More

Morse/Portnoy/George – Cov3r To Cov3r

Morse_Portnoy_George – Cov3r to Cov3r

MORSE/PORTNOY/GEORGE COV3R TO COV3R RELEASED: 24th JULY 2020 BUY NOW       Neal Morse (vocals, keyboard, guitar), Mike Portnoy (drums, vocals) and Randy George (bass, keyboards) are each widely acclaimed as progressive rock musicians in their own fields, but fans worldwide know that, together, they can always be relied upon to create a particular magic. For the latest instalment, … Read More

Liquid Tension Experiment – LTE3

Liquid Tension Experiment – LTE3

LIQUID TENSION EXPERIMENT LTE3 RELEASED: 16th APRIL 2021 BUY NOW       In modern-day progressive rock, it seems as though there is a new supergroup every few weeks.  But long before this was the norm, and before musicians were routinely involved in more than one band, there was Liquid Tension Experiment.  Back in 1997, Mike Portnoy (Transatlantic, Sons of … Read More

Neal Morse – Sola Gratia

Scary man with scythe is the winter snow

NEAL MORSE SOLA GRATIA RELEASED: 11th SEPTEMBER 2020 BUY NOW       “I think Sola Gratia is as good as anything I’ve ever done.” That’s a bold claim by any musician, but it’s an extraordinary one from a singer-songwriter-all-round-musician of the calibre (and extensive back catalog) of Neal Morse, whose reputation as one of the progressive rock world’s most … Read More

Transatlantic – The Absolute Universe

Transatlantic – The Absolute Universe_ The Ultimate Edition

TRANSATLANTIC THE ABSOLUTE UNIVERSE RELEASED: 5 FEBRUARY 2021 BUY NOW       Transatlantic have never been a band to resist a challenge. So it should come as no surprise that for their fifth album ‘The Absolute Universe’, Neal Morse Roine Stolt Pete Trewavas and Mike Portnoy have really gone out to do something a little unusual. “We have actually … Read More

Steve Hackett – Under A Mediterranean Sky

Steve Hackett – Under A Mediterranean Sky

STEVE HACKETT UNDER A MEDITERRANEAN SKY RELEASED: 11 JANUARY 2021 BUY NOW       For Steve Hackett, his 26th studio album (a remarkable statistic of itself) is far more than merely a collection of quality tracks. It goes a lot deeper than this.“I love experimenting with sounds and ethnic instruments, and thereby taking my ideas into other musical territories, … Read More

Riverside – Lost’n’Found – Live in Tilburg

Riverside – Lost’n’Found – Live in Tilburg (1)

RIVERSIDE LOST’N’FOUND – LIVE IN TILBURG RELEASED: 11 DECEMBER 2020 BUY NOW       Polish progressive rock masters RIVERSIDE return with a very special live-release. Previously only available as strictly limited fanclub edition, “Lost’n’Found – Live in Tilburg” re-visits an outstanding performance at one of the biggest shows during RIVERSIDE’s European tour in 2015 for their acclaimed “Love, Fear … Read More

Dream Theater – Distant Memories – Live In London

Dream Theater – Distant Memories – Live in London

DREAM THEATER DISTANT MEMORIES – LIVE IN LONDON RELEASED: 27 NOVEMBER 2020 BUY NOW       The bonds of disparate elements yield friction, energy, and ultimately incite creation. It happens throughout all of existence—especially in music. The music of Dream Theater relies on the interplay and brotherhood of the musicians as much as it does on the harmony of … Read More

Frost* – 13 Winters


FROST* 13 WINTERS RELEASED: 20 NOVEMBER 2020 BUY NOW       Frost* were formed back in 2004 by Jem Godfrey, back then better known to the wider world for creating chart-topping hits for acts including Atomic Kitten, Shayne Ward and Holly Valance. Godfrey was privately becoming increasingly frustrated by the creative limitations of the pop genre and made a … Read More