23 March 2016
Knifeworld: announce 'Bottled Out Of Eden' UK tour dates
Knifeworld:  announce 'Bottled Out Of Eden' UK tour dates
London-based psychedelic octet Knifeworld are set to release their third studio album 'Bottled Out Of Eden', on InsideOut Music on the 22nd April 2016. They have now announced UK tour dates in support of the album, and you can find those below:
09/05 - Leicester, The Musician
10/05 - Leeds, Brudenell Social Club
11/05 - Brighton, Green Door Store
12/05 - London, Bush Hall
Tickets for Leicester, Leeds & Brighton on sale this Friday. Tickets for London are on sale now.
They also recently filmed a video with frequent collaborator Ashley Jones, for the album's opening track 'High / Aflame', and you can watch that here: youtube.com
Kavus had this to say about the clip:
"This 'High / Aflame' is an edited version of the six and a half minute opener from 'Bottled Out Of Eden'. We wanted to start the album with something joyful and this is the song that birthed itself as a result.
Once again we worked with our long-time collaborator, Ashley Jones, and Innerstrings projections to create a video that was as colourful, giddy and ecstatic as the tune itself, something that looks how Knifeworld sound. I think I'm happier with how this turned out than any video we've done previously."
You can now pre-order 'Bottled Out Of Eden' from the links below:
The full track-listing for the album is as follows:
1. High/Aflame
2. The Germ Inside
3. I Am Lost
4. The Deathless
5. Foul Temple
6. Vision Of The Bent Path
7. I Must Set Fire To Your Portrait
8. Lowered Into Necromancy
9. A Dream About A Dream
10. Secret Words
11. Feel The Sorcery

The follow-up to 2014's 'The Unravelling', described by The Guardian as "an ingenious, joyful exercise in exploratory zeal", BOOE is a subtler but more immediate record than any other Knifeworld release. At times beautiful and uplifting & at others melancholic, haunting and otherworldly, the album remains surprisingly accessible and frontman Kavus Torabi had this to say:

"After The Unravelling, which took over a year to complete, we deliberately wanted to change the variables. To alter the approach in order to make something different. I love The Unravelling but it was a very difficult record to make. Rather than spending so long in the studio, constructing, arranging, recording, re-recording and adding layers of additional instruments and noises, this time round we wanted something rawer, more live sounding."

Torabi continues:
"Once we had the title, 'Bottled Out Of Eden', the songs came very quickly. For me, the title has three possible interpretations and all the songs fall under at least one of them. I always like to have a definite theme, it allows you to map out the territory making it far easier to identify which songs that will or won't fit with the overarching idea giving the record a far greater cohesion."

'Bottled Out Of Eden' fuses elements of English psychedelic pop, folk and art rock, with NY
minimalist inspired horn arrangements and typically unconventional song structures that take full advantage of the bands 8-piece line-up. The tail end of last year saw that full band out on tour in the UK with their friends in Vennart where they road-tested several songs from the album. Kavus continues:
"One aspect of Bottled Out Of Eden is the idea of a self-made Heaven or a self-imposed Hell, that agony or ecstasy are often a choice. I look back on the twenty five years of making the kind of music I do, particularly the last six with Knifeworld and just feel so fortunate for the friendships, experiences and absolute joy it has brought. I wanted the album to be as much about that, a celebration of this all too fleeting life, as it is a reflection on death and its impact on everyone that is left behind."

The full line-up of Knifeworld is as follows:

Kavus Torabi
Melanie Woods
Emmett Elvin
Chloe Herington
Charlie Cawood
Oliver Sellwood
Ben Woollacott
Josh Perl